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The Story Begins

The Story Begins

As a Ministry

The economic collapse of 2008 threatened families with foreclosure.  For many a hard and unfamiliar life-in-the-street resulted.  From their car the Morgan family watched the agent lock the front door of the place they had called home for six years.  Now they were homeless.   

That first night the family picked up a free meal in a church-sponsored shelter.  At the end of the food line, Bibles were spread on a table with a sign reading, “Spiritual food – Free.”  Dan Morgan picked up a Bible and read a few verses to his family.  The Bible calmed and reassured their shattered lives. 

In the weeks that followed, our personal funds were the only source of money used to purchase Bibles and biblical materials.  Friends inspired by our vision made modest contributions.  Cases of Bibles, purchased with available funds, found their way into shelters, service organizations, rehab centers and prisons.

The vision that would ultimately become Bible Mission USA was born in the face off between families facing the personal tragedy of our national financial crisis, and the clear evidence of God’s Word bringing peace and encouragement to anxious hearts.   

As a Nonprofit

Bible Mission USA is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We exist to accomplish a stated mission:

Our purpose and passion is to provide spiritual foundation to persons who are trying to survive in today’s challenging world by making free Bibles and biblical resources easily accessible through local service organization, national agencies and church outreach ministries, thus powerfully changing lives.

As a nonprofit organization we are governed by an elected Board of Directors and function through unpaid volunteers who love our mission and are committed to our goals.  As required by the IRS, all our financial resources come from the public sector in the form of generous contributions, in-kind giving, fundraising events, and special endowments. 

You are our only source of support.  All who believe in our mission support Bible Mission USA with their prayers, their service and their generous donations.


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